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Crossroads Farmers Market Vendor Application & Information 2022

This application must be filled out and submitted (button at bottom of page) in order to be considered for participation at Crossroads Farm

First Name

Last Name


Street 1

Street 2





Cell Phone


Social Media

How did you hear about us?

Please include website, social media links for vendor promotion on our website and social media platforms. Please send vendor updates/events to so we can include in our email blast.

Preferred Contact Method

Business Profile (check all that apply):

Are you a producer, purveyor only, or a mix of the two?
Producer Purveyor Hybrid

Are you an organic producer?
If so, what percentage of your products are certified organic and what is the certification body?:

If you resell products, what percentage of those products are certified organic and what is the certification body?:

Do you provide plastic shopping bags to your customers?

Do you use only recyclable or composable packaging?

Do you use hard plastic packaging?
If so, what are the EPA plastic ratings?:

Do you make an effort to be as sustainable as possible?
If so, please provide some details about your plan:

Are you interested in becoming a Crossroads farm certified partner?
Yes No

Products (check all that apply):

Fruits and Vegetables:

Dairy specify products:

Fish specify products:

Meat specify products:

Maple/Honey Products specify products:

Baked Goods specify products:

Prepared Foods specify products:

Value Added specify products:

Nursery Products specify products:


HerbsDried or fresh; specify products:


Please describe your service in more detail:

A complete list of products you will be selling at the market is required. *Please note that if you plan to sell any additional items not listed on this application, you will need the approval of the Vendor Liaison.

Vendor may sell any of the following: fresh and unpackaged home-grown vegetables, fruit, nuts, and cut flowers; potted plants and herbs (annuals and perennials); dried flowers; and fresh, home-grown food products that are minimally processed and packaged in new containers by the Vendor such as honey, other syrups, jellies, jams, preserves, persimmon pulp, dried spices and herbs, flour, cornmeal, seeds, canned produce, cider and other pressed juices, dairy products, and vinegars. Vendor may not sell non-food items (e.g. jewelry, clothing, books, furniture, etc.).

Vendor Fees: Winter - 6’ Table $30 per Saturday / Summer 10’ x 10’ tent space $40 per Saturday

Tell us how you want to participate

I would like to reserve vendor space for the winter/summer season* (check choices below):
Monthly: Winter
Monthly: Summer
*Assigned vendor spot – Payment due monthly in advance
Please note you will be responsible to contact the vendor liaison with dates that you will not be present

I would like to be a daily vendor, paying a daily fee as I use space in the market**:
Daily: Winter
Daily: Summer
**Spots will be assigned on a first come basis

You will be required to communicate with the Vendor Liaison on dates you plan to attend.

Compliance with Laws and Permitting Requirements: The Vendor is required to comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and/or permitting requirements at all times. Vendor will be prohibited from selling at the Market until compliance with all laws and/or permitting requirements has been achieved and the Market has proof of compliance.

In order to sell at the Market, Vendors must supply all appropriate permits as required for products being sold: i.e. health permits, 20C Exemptions, farm winery permit, nursery license, dairy and meat permits, etc. Vendor must supply Sales Tax Certificate if selling taxable items. See NYS website for information on taxable food items here.

Market Hours of Operation: The Market will be open on Saturdays from 9:00 A.M. until 1:00 P.M. Vendor is required to be set up in advance of the opening time.

Vendor Stall/Table Requirements: Stalls will be assigned by the Market Vendor Liaison. Vendor is required to bring their own equipment to the Market. The Market requires Vendor to have weights on their tents.

Liability Insurance: Vendor is required to maintain an insurance policy covering both general liability and product liability with a minimum of $1,000,000 in coverage. The insurance policy must name the Nassau Land Trust – Crossroads Farm as certificate holder and additional insured. The Vendor must show proof of such insurance prior to selling at the Market and produce a copy of the insurance certificate upon request. The Market does not provide any insurance coverage for Vendor.

Personnel Contacts

Farmers Market Vendor Liaison: Mark Cassin: cell 516-315-1048 / email:
Crossroads Farm Operations Manager: Nella Stranieri: cell 516-729-2765 / email:

Your submitted application must be explicitly approved by both the liaison and operations manager. Space is limited (especially in the winter) and your request may be wait-listed.

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